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Kasabrook Maine coons

Flurmonz Wy I'm So Clever (Shelby)

Shelby has so much character and personality, there is never a dull moment in our household! Shelby has had some beautiful kittens - one of which I have kept (Summer) as a future breeding girl.  Shelby is the most amazing mum and her babies have exceptional natures which makes it very hard to part with them!

Brown (Mackerel) Tabby

- Agouti (Aa) - will have tabby and non tabby kittens

- Dilute carrier (Dd)

Kasabrook Ever So Clever (Evie)

Evie is my latest addition and is the daughter to Shelby/Garvantua.  She has a lovely nature and I am excited to see what kittens I get from her.  

Brown Tortie Classic Tabby

Flurmonz Dreamweaver (Milly)

Milly is another beautiful breeding girl from Judy Formby who absolutely loves people

Brown Tortie Mackerel Tabby & White

- Agouti (A/a) will have tabby and non tabby kittens

- D/D not a dilute carrier